VulnHub — NULLBYTE: 1 — Part 1


Codename: NB0x01


Objetcive: Get to /root/proof.txt and follow the instructions.

Level: Basic to intermediate.

Description: Boot2root, box will get IP from dhcp, works fine with virtualbox&vmware.

Hints: Use your lateral thinking skills, maybe you’ll need to write some code.


Step1. 首先準備攻擊機跟靶機,並設置NAT。

Step2. 透過下方指令得知網段在

sudo ifconfig

Step3. 利用netdiscover掃描網段

sudo netdiscover -r

Step4. 可疑的有2.3與2.15,以nmap掃描這幾個IP。

nmap -sV

Step5. 發現80port 有開,顯然有個Web Server!





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NTUT CSIE | Biomedical Informatics Lab | |

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