TestLink Docker 資料庫備份與還原

docker ps -a
docker exec -u 0 -it root_mariadb_1 bash
mysqldump -u root -h mariadb bitnami_testlink > backup.sql
docker cp root_mariadb_1:/backup.sql .
lftp [ryan:ryan123@](<ryan:ryan123@>)
mput backup.sql
docker cp backup.sql 72fe27da8590:/backup.sql
docker exec -u 0 -it 72fe27da8590 bash
mysql -u root -h mariadb
drop database bitnami_testlink;
create database bitnami_testlink;
mysql -u root -h mariadb bitnami_testlink < backup.sql



NTUT CSIE | Biomedical Informatics Lab | github.com/stwater20 | sectools.tw

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