Centos7 — Docker Testlink 簡體轉繁體

Sheng-Shan Chen
3 min readAug 7, 2020

docker install bitnami/testlink on CentOS 7


Checking your testlink is running in docker .

This is Simplified Chinese language of the interface.

First , you will copy the opt/bitnami/testlink/locale/zh_cn/strings.txt to Pysical machine / directory

in physical machine , below is code.

docker cp root_testlink_1:/opt/testlink/locale/zh_CN/strings.txt

I use the lftp that transfer strings.txt file to windows ftp sever , because I will use the ConvertZZ which is a convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese .

Thus, please install ftp server in Windows , I also use docker-desktop to install vsftp server, like this.

If you do not install lftp , you should install it first.

yum install lftp

Let’s connect to ftp sever.

My ftp server IP is

You can use this command.

lftp [account]:[password]@[ip]

if you account is ryan , password is ryan123, IP is

lftp <ryan:ryan123@>

Put your file into the server.

mput strings.txt

Then , go to the windows 10 to connect your ftp server and download the strings.txt file.

On windows 10 , download this https://www.azofreeware.com/2018/07/convertzz.html

and open the software.

To click this.

Open the strings.txt and type control+C.

click the utf-8 button and output mode chose Traditional Chinese.

Copy text of the converted to replace text in strings.txt .

Then put this file to ftp server .

Go to the Centos 7 , get this file , then copy it to replace testlink container file. use

get strings.txt
docker cp strings.txt root_testlink_1:/opt/bitnami/testlink/locale/zh_CN/strings.txt

Finally , you can login in testlink to change the language.